American Sociological Association

Bylaws Article 6

ARTICLE VI. Sections


Section 1. Members who share interests in a sociological specialty may seek to become a section. Council has the authority to form sections in accordance with standards it adopts from time to time and as set forth in the ASA Manual on Sections. A Section shall remain in operation as long as it operates according to the policies and procedures set forth in the ASA Manual on Sections and it is determined to be in good standing as periodically reviewed by the Council.


Section 2. Sections shall adopt Bylaws subject to approval by the Council. These Bylaws shall include provision for a committee of the Section for the purpose of cooperating with the Program Committee in planning the presentation of its field of interest in the Annual Meeting of the Association.


Section 3. A Section shall be entitled to cooperation from the Executive Office in matters of communication to its members, and from the Program Committee in matters related to the Annual Meeting, and from the Association in such other ways as the Council may decide.


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