American Sociological Association

Bylaws Article 4

ARTICLE IV. Publications


Section 1. All the publications of the Association shall be under the general direction of the Committee on Publications, subject to the approval of the Council.


Section 2. Each regular ASA publication shall have an editor elected by the Council. The Committee on Publications shall submit a list to Council of nominees for each Editorship, to which list the Council may add or delete names.


Section 3. The Editorial Board of each regular ASA publication shall be composed of the Editor of that publication as chair and a set of Associate Editors. The number and composition of each Editorial Board shall be determined by the Council. Associate Editors shall be appointed by the Committee on Publications for three-year terms on the recommendation of the Editor. Approximately one-third of the terms of Associate Editors for each publication shall expire each year.


Section 4. The Editor of each of the official publications of the Association shall be responsible for the editorial management of the publication. The Editor shall have the authority to appoint such special issue editors as the Editor may deem necessary. Each Editor must work within the policies established by the Committee on Publications and within the budget set by the Council.


Section 5. The Editor of each publication shall have the right to reject for publication any paper or other communication that is submitted.


Section 6. Publication of official news and notes, and matters pertaining to the business affairs of the Association shall be published in an appropriate publication of the Association.


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