American Sociological Association

Task Force on Community College Faculty in Sociology

Background and Charge

Given the increasing reliance on community colleges in our nation’s system of higher education, combined with the dearth of information on community college faculty in the discipline of sociology, the task force is charged with gathering empirical data on faculty teaching sociology at community colleges, both those who are members of the ASA and those who are not currently members, in order to better understand their characteristics, credentials, professional identity, professional goals, and professional development needs, as well as working conditions and structural arrangements that impact sociological curricula and its implementation in their institutions. Based on those findings, the task force will develop a series of recommendations to Council regarding appropriate and effective strategies for supporting sociology faculty in community colleges.

Task Force on Community College Faculty in Sociology Members

David Levinson, Co-Chair (Norwalk Community College)
Katherine Rowell, Co-Chair (Sinclair Community College)
Maxine Atkinson (North Carolina State University)
Alison Better (Kingsborough Community College)
Stayce A. Blount (Fayetteville State University)
Sonia Brown (Passaic County Community College)
Charles A. Dickinson (College of Western Idaho)
Brian Kapitulik (Greenfield Community College)
Cynthia Mahabir (Laney College)
Michelle A. Smith (Lakewood Community College)
Deidre Tyler (Salt Lake Community College)
Theodore Wagenaar (Miami University)
Margaret Weigers Vitullo (ASA Executive Staff Liaison)

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