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Student Forum Advisory Board

The Student Forum Advisory Board was created by Council August 1998. The goals of the Advisory Board are to enhance the level of attentiveness and engagement of students within the Association. The Student Forum Advisory Board (SFAB) is composed of 7 people elected by student members of the association. Each member is elected to serve a 2-year term with half of the board turning over each year. Six of the 7 members are graduate students and one of the members is an undergraduate student; each year 3 graduate student members rotate off and are replaced, and 1 undergraduate student member rotates off and is replaced. Elected by student members of the Association.

Name Begin End Position
Jean H. Shin 2/1/2006 12/31/2020 ASA Staff Liaison
Uriel Serrano 9/1/2015 8/31/2017 Committee Co-Chair
Anna Neller 9/1/2015 8/31/2017 Member
Laura Theresa Iesue 9/1/2015 8/31/2017 Member
Irene A. Snyder 9/1/2016 8/31/2017 Member
Isabel Sousa-Rodriguez 9/1/2016 8/31/2018 Committee Co-Chair
Derek Michael Da Silva 9/1/2016 8/31/2018 Member
Karen Okigbo 9/1/2016 8/31/2018 Member
Joseph Reynolds Van Der Naald 9/1/2016 8/31/2018 Member
Kati Barahona-López 9/1/2015 8/31/2017 Member
Aisha Ariantique Upton 9/1/2015 8/31/2017 Member

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