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Committee on Sections

ASA Bylaws direct that there shall be a Committee on Sections that “shall have the responsibility to guide the Association on the administration of sections to include the creation and continuation of sections. The Committee on Sections shall advise the ASA Council on section policies and procedures. In addition, the Committee will serve as liaison between sections and ASA Council.” Bylaws Section 5, paragraph b indicate that the Committee on Sections is to be composed of nine members selected as follows:

  • 3 members appointed by Council based on recommendation of Committee on Committees
  • 3 members selected by Council from among Council-at-Large members
  • 3 members elected by chairs of Sections

Members of the Committee on Sections serve staggered 3-year terms so that three people (1 person from each category) rotate off and are replaced each year. The Committee on Sections sponsors several events for Section officers during the ASA Annual Meeting, including an Orientation for newly elected section officers. This orientation introduces new officers to the ASA staff they will work with in the year ahead, provides them with details on what their role entails, reviews timetables for activities involving sections, and generally provides an overview of the role of sections within the ASA.

In addition, the Committee on Sections meets with chairs of all Sections for a free-ranging discussion anything and everything related to sections and their operation. The Committee on Sections reviews all suggestions received, and if they concur, develop detailed proposals for review by ASA Council. In addition, the Committee on Sections meets by conference call each fall to review Annual Reports submitted by the Sections. Another conference call is held in the spring to consider the status of sections and any other issues that have arisen over the winter months.  

Name Begin End Position
Kristine J. Ajrouch 9/1/2017 8/31/2018 Chair
Nina Bandelj 9/1/2016 8/31/2019 Council Liaison
Jennifer Earl 1/1/2015 12/31/2017 Member
Cynthia Feliciano 9/1/2015 8/31/2018 Council Liaison
Lisa A. Keister 1/1/2017 12/31/2019 Member
Shamus Rahman Khan 1/1/2017 12/31/2019 Member
Wendy Ng 9/1/2015 8/31/2018 Council Liaison
Sharon Preves 1/1/2016 8/31/2018 Member

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