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For many years, the state of the Association has been communicated annually to members and other interested audiences through oral reports from officers at the annual business meeting, and through print copies of ASA Council minutes and the ASA Audit in our Association’s newsletter Footnotes and its predecessors.

As communication technologies advanced in the 21st century, ASA Executive Office staff considered how to provide—at least once a year—up-to-date information about the work and organizational well-being of the ASA to its members and other audiences in a way that is comprehensive, in one place, not too long, and with easy access to more detailed information.

The 2010 Annual Report was ASA’s first attempt at producing a comprehensive print and electronic document that reflects this complex scholarly organization. The content covers programmatic and departmental activities in 2010, with some supporting charts and data showing trends for the decade. The financial information was taken from the approved audit for Fiscal Year 2009 (January-December), which was the latest data available at the time the report was produced. (The FY 2010 audit became available at the end of August 2011 after the ASA Council reviewed the audit data.)

Annual reports have been produced every year since 2010. Each edition provides reports from officers and updates on programmatic activities for that calendar year, along with financial information from the approved audit for the previous year. You are welcome to download any of the reports provided below, or you can find them for free in the iTunes store.

Limited copies of printed annual reports are available by request to

We hope you find the Annual Report to be interesting and informative. Let us know if you would like more, less, or something different next year. Your feedback is welcome!

Annual Reports

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